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The project "Applied Nostalgia" has been designed as a sequence of exhibitions of photographs taken by two eminent photographers - one from Serbia and one from the EU Presidency country. Since Hungary was presiding over the meetings of the EU from January till July 2011, Budapest become the seventh European city presented to Serbian citizens in a very special and unique way just as Belgrade was presented to citizens of Hungary.

The author from Serbia Jovan Marjanov spent a week in Budapest, during which time he took photographs of places, events and people that remind him on his own town. At the same time, the author from Hungary Tomas Opitz visited Belgrade and took photographs of the city through the eyes of a "nostalgic photographer". Both authors selected 20 photographs for the exhibitions. Tomas and Jovan have never met, but their photos together make an exhibition of Applied nostaligia.

The project is carried out under the auspices of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia in cooperation with the EU Info Centre, European Movement in Serbia, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Hungary and the Embassy of Hungary in Serbia, with support of companies NIS, Nikola Tesla Airport, Deloitte, Mlekara Subotica, Naftachem, Sat-Trakt, Masel, Vindulo and Fornetti.


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Budapest Exibition
Ráday Képesház Galéria

8 May 2011

Belgrade Exibition
Belgrade Youth Center

2 June 2011