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Since 2013, Serbian European Integration Office has been organizing the ‘Applied Nostalgia’, an exhibition that is a part of the communication activities within the framework of the Communication Strategy on the Accession of Serbia to the European Union. The exhibition ‘Applied Nostalgia’ consists of people, cities, photographers and their works, which are supported by a group of nostalgic enthusiasts dedicated to the realization of this photo story. This project was launched in 2007, when the first exhibition of Belgrade and Lisbon photographs was organized. In the upcoming years and with the support of numerous institutions, embassies of countries participating and their companies, this project has grown into a sequence of exhibitions that show the capitals of the EU member states through the lenses of our most eminent photographers. In addition, Belgrade is represented in a completely different manner through the objectives of foreign authors.

One of the first participants, a photographer Dragan Kujundžić, has joined the project organization as well and designer Marko Zakovski has shaped the story via the internet presentation, photo monograph and promotional materials.

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Project Applied Nostalgia has been organized by the Serbian European Integration Office, as part of Communication Strategy for the Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union implementation.