Goranka Matić was born in Maribor, Slovenia in 1949. She has graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of art history. She is working as a photographer since 1980. She has been publishing in Jubox, Start... She has been the photography editor in the weekly magazine "Vreme" since 1990 and since 2006 she has been the editor in the daily "Politika". She has been working at the RTS in the Art department since 2010. She has been teaching photo journalism at the Faculty of political sciences in Belgrade. She is a member ofthe Association of applied artists and designers (ULUPUDS) since 1986 and she has been exhibiting her works in the country and abroad. She was the winner of the October Salon Award in 1989, the Conquering Freedom Award in 2002 and the Politika Award in 2004. She has published books "Days of Pain and Pride" and "Ten years against".

Goranka Matić

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