Jim Sumkay (born 1954 in Liège, his main harbor) is a self-taught city photographer. After he survived in the intensive care unit of a hospital he has started leading an every day photographic journal called “No comment”. This journal, which he has been keeping since May 1st 2005 without interruptions (twenty thousand photos on internet) is being preserved in the archives of the University in Liège. Installations: Dozens of large photographs are glued on city facades in Belgium and abroad (five hundred in Arlon in May 2010). His approach: In order to eventually organize an exhibition he is visiting a city or province for a week or two. In the days that he is spending making photographs are he is being led only by accidental encounters. His work: He is making above all portraits of ordinary people or street scenes in which the Man has a central role. Exhibitions: Liège, Brussels, Berlin, Namir, Spa, Marchin, Tourinnes-la-Grosse, Waremme, Engreux, Arlon, Paris, New-Orleans, La Havane, Kiev, Ljubljana, Pilsen ...


Jim Sumkay

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