Born in 1990. He is an independent photographer with photographs appearing in The Guardian, Vice, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, The Huff Post, Stern, Spiegel, La Repubblica. He was awarded by the Sony World Photography Awards, PDN storytellers, Award of excellence by Pictures of the Year International, and was a nominee for World Press Photo. He had solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Europe, the USA, and several others in about 80 events in total.

He says about himself: “I see photography as a weapon that can kill stereotypes, as a medicine that can open eyes, and as a cake that can please. I use photography as a tool for transformation. I want to create a space for discussion, disagreement, resentment, and aversion with my work - if I showed only what you already know, or what you like, then my work would probably have no power to change anything at all.”

David Těšínský

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