Laure Maugeais

Born in 1980 in Brittany. In her work, anthropologist, pedagogue and visual and audio artist, Laure Maugeais approaches man, identity and territory in a sensitive, almost sensory way in accordance with what surrounds her. She thus re-creates timeless, oneiric worlds based on universal themes as answers to personal questions she asks herself. Laure’s point of view as an anthropologist and pedagogue feeds her curiosity about the Other.

Considering creation and art as an experience that belongs to everyone, Laure develops some of her projects in the form of co-creation, where everyone can intervene, do and act, thus becoming an artist in their own lives. Among other things, she cooperates with health and social workers, monitors the lives of hospitalized people with cognitive disorders, schoolchildren and many others, showing us through her innovative view of the world another possible reality.

Laure Maugeais

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