Nebojša Babić

Nebojša Babić was born in 1968 in Belgrade. He is a member of the Association of applied artists and designers (ULUPUDS) since 1997 and he is also a member of USUF (Serbian Arts Photographers Association) and PPOF (Professional Photographers of Europe) since 2004. He is having continuous exhibitions in the country and abroad. He is cooperating with institutions of culture, with humanitarian organisations, publishing companies and many marketing agencies. He contributed significantly to the realisation of different projects of UNESCO and UNICEF. A large part of his work is dedicated to the "industrial" photography as well as to the projects for the actual music scene. He is one of the leading authors of photography in the country and winner of many awards, like the "Grand Award of the May Salon 2005" and Best Fashion Photographer of Serbia and Montenegro of the "Pantene Beauty Awards" in 2002 and 2004. The works of Nebojša Babić are being kept in the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He founded the Orange Studio in 1998 as a creative studio for applied photography and visual communication and multimedia arts project OZONE in 2004, the first of its kind in our country.


Nebojša Babić

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