Born in ex-Yugoslavia, in 1977. She grew up in Belgrade, spending her childhood between Voždovac and New Belgrade. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spatial Planning in Belgrade, while she completed her Master’s degree in Sociology in the Netherlands. She worked in the United Nations in Kenya, and completed her PhD in Environmental Sciences in Lisbon, where she has lived and worked since 2007. From 2008 to 2012, she studied Photography in Ar.co - School of Arts and Visual Communication in Lisbon. As a freelance photographer, she has participated in several group exhibitions. She also works as a science officer. She is currently studying Gestalt psychotherapy. She is the mother of two little pirate girls, who teach her a lot about life, and, most importantly, how to love. While doing many things, she tries to live slowly, to breathe slowly, think and speak slowly. In photography, as in life, she is interested in capturing that moment that lasts, and that allows contact and intimacy. That gives you the freedom to dream up the story that makes sense to you.

Vanja Karadžić

Belgrade > Lisbon Exhibition

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